How to introduce the idea of a sibling to your child

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When we decide to add to our families and up our children from 1 to 2, we have these lovely ideas that everything will run smoothly and that our two children will instantly bond and come together. Of course, in reality, this isn't always the case.

Of course, siblings to love each other and many do get along really well, but there is also a chance that your current little one could feel more than just a little pushed out by the idea of another baby entering their family.

If you want to introduce them to the idea of becoming a big brother or sister and make sure that they take it as well as possible, then you might want to check out some of our top tips on how to get them used to the idea.

Talk to them about the baby coming before the big day

Sounds obvious of course, but one of the best ways to get your little one used to the thought of a baby coming is to talk to them about it. Introducing them to your bump will show them that there is something very exciting about to happen to their family. Let them see your scan pictures and encourage them to feel the baby kick and talk to it too. This simple interaction will allow them to form a bond with the baby, that means that they will be more than ready to say hello to them when they do arrive.

Buy a present for the new baby to give their big brother or sister

Now, we all know that we should never try to bribe or buy our children, but sometimes a little gift could be just what they need. One way to make sure that your existing child welcomes the baby with open arms is to buy them a present that can come with the baby.

Give them their own special job to do

Children like to feel that they are involved in whatever is going on. Not exactly easy when you have a baby that needs caring for. That said, one way that you can keep your child happy is to make sure that they have their very own job to do. This could be picking out the babies clothes for the day, fetching their blanket or perhaps singing them lullaby before bed. Even the smallest of tasks are going to make them feel that they are definitely making the most of their big brother or sister status. Of course, even with all your efforts it is going to be hard for your child to make the adjustment to having a baby in their lives. Thankfully there are things that you can do to make the transition that little bit easier and make sure that you get that happy family that you have always hoped for. 


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